Sound Design And Engineering
Jonathan K. Beals

Jon Beals

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Who I Am

Hi! I'm Jonathan Beals, a Boston-based sound designer and audio engineer. I am a recent graduate of Boston University, just completing my degree in sound design at the College of Fine Arts. My interest in audio began in middle school, and I have since gained valuable experience in everything from one-off event design and planning to theatrical shows to parties and club work. In addition, I have been taking classes and gaining experience in related areas such as lighting and media production.

Through my work both on- and off-campus, I became acquainted with designing sound for theatrical and dance shows, and have system designed/engineered large dance productions, bands, and musicals.

Outside of school work, I have worked with IATSE Local 11 in Boston, many of the Boston-based shops, as well as Boston Conservatory and Commonwealth Shakespeare Company.